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Psychiatric Registered Nurse (CAPS): RNs shall provide services Monday through Saturday, varying between the hours of 0600 through 2100 hours not to exceed 40 hours
per week. This position is considered Mission Essential Personnel. This position requires the contractor to report to work in the event of adverse weather conditions or Mass Casualty Scenarios. The clinics are closed on Sundays and Federal Holidays. The hours of performance are subject to change by the MTF.


Degree/Education (5.2.4): The Licensed Registered Psychiatric Nurse must be a graduate;at a minimum hold an Associate s Degree, Bachelor of Science in Nursing preferred from an
accredited college or university, also preferred. B.S.N. Desired. Shall have transcript verifying Registered Psychiatric Nurse education provided with resume.
Certifications in addition to Basic Life Support (5.2.3): Shall have and maintain current certification in Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS), Certificated through the American Heart
Association/American Red Cross. Certification in Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) is required of RNs working in Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program (APHP).
Certifications must be maintained and renewed at no additional cost to the Government.
Experience: Shall have minimum of 3.5 years of experience working as a Registered Nurse and at least 2 years of Psychiatric Nursing experience. Experience working in the juvenile
justice system would serve as a benefit but is not a requirement. The contractor must have a working knowledge of an Automated Computer System and basic knowledge of the Military
Health Care System. The Contract Licensed Registered Psychiatric Nurse performing under this Contract shall be able to read, write, speak and understand English well enough to
effectively communicate with all patients and other health care providers.
Board Certification (
Licensure/Registration: The Registered Psychiatric Nurse shall be possess a current, valid, unrestricted license (with no limitations, stipulations or pending adverse actions) to practice
nursing as an Registered Psychiatric Nurse in at least one state or territory (Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Guam, or the U.S. Virgin Islands) in the United States. All licenses must remain
current, valid and unrestricted during contract employment.

HCW Duties (5.1 Task 1): The duties for the HCW are as follows:
(1) Is responsible for all nursing assessments on all Child Psychiatry and Adolescent Services new admissions, to include clinical triage and referral management.
These assessments are to be done on the date of admission per Child Psychiatry and Adolescent Services admission protocol. The assessments are to be
documented in the daily Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application (AHLTA) progress note for that patient.
(2) Shall responsible for ordering all lab work for Child Psychiatry and Adolescent Services new admissions.
(3) Shall responsible for all initial evaluation of any new/acute patient concerns/problems by APHP patients. Once the evaluations are complete, the attending physician is notified and a treatment plan is formulated and then carried out by the nurse. The treatment plan may include verbal order(s) from the attending physician. Each evaluation, treatment course and treatment response
must be documented fully in the daily APHP progress note in the electronic medical record (AHLTA).
(4) Will document weekly vital signs in the respective patient s daily Child Psychiatry and Adolescent Services progress note. Select patients may require more frequent vital signs. Abnormal results or trends will be reported to the attending physician.
(5) Will be responsible for obtaining an ECG on patients when ordered. When the completed ECG is returned, the nurse will fax it to WRAMC Pediatric Cardiologist for the ECG to be read. When the ECG has been read and returned, a copy will be placed in the Child Psychiatry and Adolescent Services ECG log, another copy is placed in the patient chart (scanned to the respective AHLTA
note if at all possible) and a copy is given to the Chief, Department of Child Psychiatry and Adolescent Services.
(6) Shall be responsible for ordering Nutrition Consults and accompanying the patient to the consult appointment and document the visit in the daily Child Psychiatry and Adolescent Services progress note.
(7) Will schedule all other requested consults ordered by the attending physician and document in the daily APHP progress note.
(8) Should medication be administered to a Child Psychiatry and Adolescent Services patient, the attending physician must order the medication with the instruction that it is to be given in the Child Psychiatry and Adolescent Services. Storage of medications will be in accordance with DHCN and Child Psychiatry and Adolescent Services medication administration policy.
(9) Should the medication be a controlled substance, an accounting procedure will be developed and approved by the DHCN Department of Pharmacy in accordance with Joint Commission Accreditation guidelines.
(10) Each medication administered to a Child Psychiatry and Adolescent Services patient will be documented just after administration in that patient s daily APHP progress note. Included in the documentation is medication given with dosage, time given, patient compliance and any response noted to its administration. Any possible side effect or adverse reaction will be immediately noted in the AHLTA note and the attending physician notified.
(11) Will hold patient education medication groups regularly and document it in the daily Child Psychiatry and Adolescent Services progress note for each patient. Also responsible for holding regular medication education groups with the parents of Child Psychiatry and Adolescent Services patients.
(12) Will attend weekly treatment team meetings, which fall outside of program hours. Program hours are those hours the providers are in clinic seeing patients.
(13) Will be responsible for coordinating all admissions to Child Psychiatry and Adolescent Services, to include initial review of both hard copy/ telephonic and electronic referrals. This includes a prompt response to the initial referral to Child Psychiatry and Adolescent Services with direct communication to the referral source. The Chief, Department Child Psychiatry and Adolescent Services, will be promptly notified and instructions will be given as to when to schedule the admission appointment. All efforts will be made to admit the patient, if appropriate for admission, within 2 working days. The psychiatric nurse will make the final arrangements with the family, including the request that both parents be at the admission appointment (unless the sponsor is deployed or TDY).
The referral source will be notified of the admission status and again with the date of admission.
(14) Serves as a member of the core milieu team, which includes the teachers and psychology technicians. They are all responsible for line of sight of the patients at all times without exceptions. The psychiatric nurse is responsible for monitoring patient and staff safety. The psychiatric nurse monitors patients when off the unit at lunch and scheduled outside activities. The Child Psychiatry and Adolescent Services staff must be in constant coordination of each of their responsibilities. The psychiatric nurse may be called on to help manage crisis situations on an individual or group basis. The psychiatric nurse may be a cotherapist in group psychotherapy sessions.
(15) Shall have computer skills to input, extract, and query and research data in military personnel database systems, as well as performing office applications.
(16) Shall be a qualified typist. A qualified typist is defined an individual having computer skills and the understanding of how to work the computer and type.
(17) Shall report to work rested and fully physically and mentally capable of performing the duties required under this contract.
(18) Shall participate in all staff orientation or training that may be required as a precondition to by the hospital commander or designee. Such orientation may include instruction on automated processing, standing operating procedures (SOP), local in-services, quality improvement programs, safety programs. This shall be conducted during the contract employees regularly scheduled shift.
(19) Will follow procedures outlined in the Emergency Department Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
(20) The contract Registered Psychiatric Nurse performing services under this contract shall have sufficient skills to perform tasks that may include, but are not necessarily limited to the following:
o Complete all required paperwork
o Utilize paraprofessionals as appropriate
o Perform documentation and patient care IAW JC guidelines
(21) The Contractor HCP shall assume additional administrative or clinical duties as requested or needed to ensure sustainment of normal clinic operations and ensure compliance with JC
standards, to include, but not limited to, managing daily schedules, reviewing and dispositioning consults, monitoring appointment utilization and patient access to care,
conducting mandatory clinical training, monitoring clinic supplies and equipment, ensuring enforcement of clinic SOPs and standards.
(22) Quality Improvement shall include the following responsibilities:
o Uphold established patient care and practice standards
o Review and submit reports as required
o May be assigned to other clinics in the DACH/FBCH footprint on a
temporary basis as needed or for additional on the job training
o Participate in all mandatory training
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